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TOC (Theory of Constraints) Systems


We establish basic templates, including personnel permission settings, application guidelines, etc., which can be easily run by importing a work order sample form. Then, according to the application path map, gradually apply the corresponding modules to upgrade the level of enterprise management and informatization.


Based on the TOC theory and 15 years of application experience in various industries, FTFSYS enables enterprises to significantly improve key performances such as on-time delivery rate, production cycle, and work-in-progress. At the same time, the only global priority level and clear information Make management easier.


Based on the principle of simplicity and effectiveness, we have developed a corresponding management system in terms of production, project management, and distribution of enterprise management, and have continued to improve it during 15 years of use.

Production Management System

Orders are seriously delayed, while semi-finished products are piled up like a mountain, and the production cycle is too long to be competitive. FTFSYS adopts the theory of S-DBR, strictly controls the feeding, arranges the priority of production, monitors the production capacity of each constrained resource, makes each production environment busy and orderly, maximizes the production capacity, and improves the on-time delivery rate.

  • Hierarchical application, fast implementation, and gradual improvement
  • Work order field definition customization and extension
  • Based on TOC, provide a complete set of management guidelines

Project Management System

FTFSYS project management system adopts a new way to control the progress of the project, to deal with various uncertain factors such as demand changes, resource conflicts, and estimation errors, so that all relevant departments and personnel of the project can cooperate harmoniously and complete more quickly in the real environment.

  • Graphical project progress monitoring, early warning of risks
  • Easy project and task creation and reporting
  • The only global clear priority order to avoid resource contention

Distribution Management System

Solve problems such as shortage of best-selling products, low inventory turnover rate, and backlog of unsalable products. A solution that directly increases sales while reducing the amount of inventory.

  • Intelligently generate complex replenishment parameters based on historical data
  • Automatically generate daily replenishment suggestions
  • According to the consumption situation, dynamically adjust the parameters to respond to the market and replenishment status in a timely manner

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FTFSYSis a management tool. How to make this tool play the most effective role in the customer environment, we provide a variety of solutions for users to choose.

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